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Our Journey to Ever After

We are Joshua and Heidi, the proud owners of Ever After Alpaca Farm.  Joshua is a master musician who plays guitar, banjo, mandolin, and ukelele.  He teaches all levels from beginning to very advanced(Check out his album, One Tall Americano, on I-tunes!).  Heidi has always had a love of children with special needs and that has been her career.  Although we both love our careers, we wanted something "ours", something we could build together.  We wanted to build a fulfilling life from scratch and LOVE doing it everyday.  This was not an easy decision but we have an adult daughter with severe special needs and the one thing she LOVES is animals.  We knew that a farm would be a way to include her in our dream!  Joshua had a heart for the alpaca and from the very beginning we knew we wanted to get to know these lovely creatures.  Somehow, along the way, we ended up with not only alpaca but chickens, goats, horses, two curious canines, and a parrot.  It is not easy.  Farming is hard work but it is a work worthwhile and we love our farm!  Come take a tour with us, check out our alpaca products, and maybe even pick up a dozen eggs while you are here!

You might be asking yourself what we offer here at the farm.   First and foremost we are here for our beautiful animals.  However, we are also open for alpaca encounters, where we encourage guests to take lots of pictures and maybe even a selfie or two with an alpaca!  We want to educate you about these lovely animals, while you are having a great time!  We offer many alpaca products.  Our stores includes many of the most sought after alpaca items.  Until you have touched this rich, warm fleece, you can not begin to fathom the warmth and comfort of alpaca fleece.  We also are home to the Alpaca-Gram where we will bring a couple of alpacas to you to help you celebrate a special occasion.  We are right across the street from the award winning Pearmund Winery so if you are staying with us, a short walk across the street for fine wine and grapevines galore!

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