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Something About An Alpaca

Here on the farm, we wake up early every day. We work hard. These animals are precious and totally dependent on us. Some days are difficult and we are exhausted to the bone. But, can I just say that there is something about an alpaca that makes you want to work hard for them? I think perhaps it is because they are so dependent but yet so independent at the same time.

Alpaca love human interaction but they want it on their own terms. They are naturally curious. It is funny, you can chase an alpaca around the field all day long and never catch it. You can try your hardest to get close enough to pet him or her only to have them run away. However, if you just stand that stillness, the alpaca come and find you. They are naturally curious and want to get to know you, in the calm stillness of you and not the craziness of running around the field. In that calm stillness, you might suddenly feel that same alpaca who was running from you, coming and giving you a nuzzle or taking feed from your hand. The alpacas have taught me that there is a time for hard work but occasionally I need to hit the "pause" button and bask in the blessings around me.

Sometimes, in the world, I think we go chasing after things and forget about that calm stillness that is "us". Sometimes, we just need to sit in the stillness and enjoy the greatness in all of life's little wonders. We might be surprised that it is not what we were chasing after that was important. What is important is generally already all around us but we are too busy to realize it. I am blessed beyond measure and "something about an alapaca" taught me that.

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Julie Dixon
Julie Dixon
Jun 18, 2020

So well said!

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